M1GC Arma 3 Dedicated Server


The area has fallen to the enemy, and it is up to you to take it back. 

NMD Sandbox is a multiplayer mission focused on allowing players to use all the different assets the game has such as gear and vehicles.
To do this I have designed a set of dialogs to make it easy for players to do a variety of otherwise impossible things.

NMD Sandbox features:

– Vehicle Spawner Menu (with categories, colour selection and is compatible with mods).
– Map Menu (teleport around the map with the click of a button).
– Service Menu (repair, refuel and rearm your vehicle anywhere, anytime).
– Admin Menu (admin management, player management, god mode and full weather/date control).
– BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent sides.
– Respawn with the same loadout.
– Custom AI bases.
– Zeus supported.
– Virtual Ammobox System.
– Optimized for maximum FPS.

All scripts included are not for public use, please ask for permission first.

Be sure to use the Arma 3 Steam Workshop for easy mod downloading and installation.


Were proud to announce we now have a Dedicated Arma 3 Server

You can Join our Arma 3 Server via the same page or by using our
Direct ip/port:

Please note: Server name does change frequently

Thanks to the awesome work by MuRdeRoNYoBloCk, We now have a up and running Dedicated Server in Arma 3.

You can also check the [M1GC] Arma 3 Dedicated Server stats & mods we use here.

Join our Arma 3 Discord Chat / Voice Channel

If you experience any issue, Please be sure to contact us asap so we may initiate any kicks or bans to avoid future discrepancies.


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