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Welcome to the M1-Gaming!



Were building the M1-Gaming crew up

If you play PC Games be sure to join us.

For more info:
Join our Discord Server -

Were on Daily!



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We are a community of mature gamers who value character, honor, and professionalism.

We are one of the newest active teams in online gaming.

We are diverse and open, with members from all across the world in multiple games. We are organized and stable, with opportunities for both competitive and casual players.

We accept players of all skill levels and help members grow at their own pace. We are respectful, determined, and proud to be [M1] members.

Check out our M1-Gaming Gamers Live Broadcast Videos

 Feel free to join up, and create your own squads, events, and tournaments.

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As you peek out of the window of your Executive Office this morning, you'll notice something markedly different about the landscape. An overnight snowstorm has painted Southern San Andreas with a fresh, thick coat of the white stuff and the experts predict it'll be sticking around for the next few days.


New festive gear along with all of your old favorites have returned for Festive Surprise 2017. Send sparks through the night with the Firework Launcher as you stomp through a crimson-coated winter wonderland in your favorite Elf mask, pay a visit to your favorite 247 Supermarket in a Mirthful Gingerbread Hockey mask or show your head-to-toe spirit in a festive albeit slightly creepy Reindeer Bodysuit.


Plus keep an eye out for a few free unlocks in the coming days including new Krampus mask gifts starting on Christmas Eve. Because in this town, only the naughty get their stockings stuffed. And be sure to enter your snow-based shenanigans into the #FESTIVESURPRISE2017 Snapmatic Contest, accepting entries through January 1st.


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